Candidate for Civil Court Judge – 6th Municipal District

Alice A. Nicholson is an attorney has practiced in New York since 1986. She began her career fighting for income for the disabled and seniors as a Social Security advocate at Bedford-Stuyvesant Legal Services and Queens Legal Services. She worked as a court attorney at the Appellate Division, Second Department, alongside judges--assisting them to reach fair and judicious decisions.

During law school at New York University School of Law, Alice worked on police brutality cases at the Center for Constitutional Rights; at the American Civil Liberties Union--as an intern--she worked on due process issues (lack of service) in tax foreclosure sales.

During her career as an attorney, Alice also worked in areas of commercial litigation, real estate transactions and on the 18B Assigned Counsel Panel, protecting defendants’ rights on appeal in criminal cases.

Now, Alice specializes in foreclosure prevention law; for the past ten years she saved hundreds of families from displacement from their homes in Brooklyn communities and in other areas in New York.

During her 30 plus years as a lawyer, Alice has fulfilled her mission and passion to protect and defend the rights of those who would otherwise not have a voice—and she continues to do so.

Alice received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Hunter College of the City University of New York (“CUNY”); she graduated cum laude. She is also a graduate from Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY.


On June 25, 2019 Vote for
Alice A. Nicholson for Civil Court Judge
6th Municipal District