Elect Alice A. Nicholson for Civil Court Judge 6th Municipal District

  • Attorney: Private Practice • 18B Assigned Counsel Panel: Criminal and Family Law
  • Senior Staff Attorney: Queens Legal Services; Supreme Court: Principal Court Attorney
  • Litigation Associate: Newman and Harrington
  • Staff Attorney: Bedford Stuyvesant Community Legal Service
  • JD New York University School of Law: Admitted to the
  • New York Bar and Admitted to practice in USD Courts
  • Hunter College: Cum laude • Certified Professional Chef
  • Board Member, New York State Foreclosure Defense Bar;
    Member American Bar Association, National Bar Association,
    New York State Bar Association, and
    National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

Alice Nicholson treats everyone with dignity, respect and compassion they deserve.


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On June 25, 2019 Vote for
Alice A. Nicholson for Civil Court Judge

6th Municipal District


Alice Nicholson is an attorney who Supports Our Community
Alice is an attorney with 30 years experience representing Brooklyn families. Alice knows that we must have an even playing field to ensure justice.
Alice Nicholson is an attorney for Seniors and the Disabled
Alice began her career working for community based Bedford Stuyvesant Legal Services. Alice has fought successfully for SSI and Social Security Disability benefits.
Alice Nicholson promotes Equal Protection Under the Law
Alice is a champion of the people – regardless of age, race or religion.
Alice Nicholson wants everyone be secure in our communities and homes
Alice helped hundreds of families avoid foreclosure. Alice champions rent stabilization and affordability. Alice wants all tenants and landlords to know their rights in order to bring fairness to disputes.